Packing Guide


Packing Guide

The table below gives a round estimate of the number of boxes and basic supplies you’ll need for packing. Packing guide Remember that depending upon your specific needs, you may also need special boxes such as those made for clothing, pictures and mirrors, electronics and lamps.

Packing # of rooms: Boxes/Supplies Needed
1-2 rooms: 15 Small, 15 Medium, 3 Large, 2 Dish Packs, 1 Inkless Newsprint Bundle, 1 – 2 Rolls Box Sealing Tape
2-4 rooms: 20 Small, 20 Medium, 5 Large, 4 Dish Packs, 1 Inkless Newsprint Bundle, 3-4 Rolls Box Sealing Tape
4-6 rooms: 25 Small, 25 Medium, 7 Large, 6 Dish Packs, 2 Inkless Newsprint Bundles, 4-6 Rolls Box Sealing Tape

Packing Boxes and Supplies

Packing guide boxes come in a variety of sizes and are best suited for certain items. The table below outlines the suggested contents for specific box sizes.

Box Type Suggested Contents
Small Best for heavy, small and fragile items such as:

  • books, file folders
  • CDS, cassettes, LPs
  • toiletries, medicine, clocks
  • hats, lamps, lampshades, framed art
  • silverware, glassware, kitchen utensils, canned goods, jars, bottles, tools
  • most kitchenware, electric appliances
  • clothes, shoes, boots, purses, hats
  • lamps, lampshades, plants
  • toys and accessories from all rooms
  • bed linen, pillows, bath towels, table linen
  • sweaters, shoes, purses
  • plastic ware, small appliances
  • lampshades, cushions, plants
Dish Packs Created extra sturdy for fragile items:

  • China, glassware, lamps, collectibles
Picture Boxes
  • paintings, mirrors
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